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Results day

2011-08-18 04:25:03 by fredstermaster

Holy shit.
Someone wish me luck please
will need it



2011-06-10 11:43:59 by fredstermaster

I know its old news now, but I just can't get it out of my head. Its so damn quotable! I was thinking of joining the gym, just so I could tell my personal trainer ALL YOU CAN UPGRADE IS STRANTH???!!

I'm making a game by the way, whoever reads this. If anyone reads this. Its gona be superduper, theres 2 BUTTENS!!!!!! Seriously though, can someone tell me the genre of game, whereby you choose an option and it takes you down a different path, usualy death lul? I figure if there is no skill in my game then in order to complete it they will need to just spend a long time on it, which is the goal for any game C: even if it's really frustrating and gay.


2011-05-25 19:49:06 by fredstermaster

i love finding random awesome songs. does anyone want to give me some bands to look up plez :)

Are you srsly.

2011-03-18 19:07:43 by fredstermaster

I just read this joke on some joke website:

A blonde was watching TV the her husband opened it and put in ravioli's she answered "hey I was watching that." And her husband says "what I just put in some ravioli's in the microwave for dinner.

That is the worst joke I have ever had the misfortune of reading.
I have lost faith in humanity.

In other news this moose called rebecca black is apparantly a singer and has difficulty choosing where to sit in a car even though it only has 1 space left. What is that. Whats going on here. What? pph0

I am so bored

2011-02-19 15:48:30 by fredstermaster

Can someone please entertain me.
I will reward you with sarcastic remarks.

I started playing fucking runescape again, that's how bored I am. Ok who am I even kidding I love runescape fuck off! DON'T JUDGE ME


Merry Christmas Newgrounds (:

It's been one of my home page tabs for half a year now in the hope that someone might revive it, but I think it's finally dead now :(


H3 Customs finally dead :(

60 Second Escape!

2010-06-07 08:54:50 by fredstermaster

I'm gona make my first game, and its going to go a a little, like this:

-START in evil company skyscraper and tamper with shit leading to a 60-second destruction sequence;
-CHOOSE between 2 options in every room, one being right and the other KILLS YOU;
-MAKE your way down the skyscraper within the 60 seconds and escape alive;

HORAY. Heres a screen shot of the first room. So far i am nearly half way into completing this thing :)
ALSO there will be funky french music....

60 Second Escape!


2009-11-27 18:53:38 by fredstermaster

And I long to go
Love started here
Shoot your stars
Pure like a star

Don't you come
Deer stop bottle in a shell
Shoot your thousand stars over me

Shoot the star
Shoot the star
To be
Love to come home
You've arrested me now

Say my name
Whisper it
Dont ever turn
I'm deliciously wired
I'm falling in a cloud
Shoot your thousand stars over
Shoot your thousand stars over
Say my Name
Whisper it k-snc1/hs266.snc1/9333_155941957078_60 3912078_3483074_8368055_n.jpg

here is the picture that flashed up 3 times :L

but no, sadly i did not stick to the sofa :(